Ali Howat

Coaching Since 2015

Has been involved with the YBC program since 2000 - started at age three. Bowler in many major tournaments including youth challenge and 4 steps. Been to 4 steps nationals once and won the silver medal. As well as winning silver in provincial for youth challenge twice. 


As a coach, I have taken two teams to provincial and in hopes to coach more teams and hopefully get a medal at 4 steps as a coach. As well as coached in many little tournaments in the past 2 years and continues to help the kids enjoy the fun of bowling and help them succeed. 

Andre Vaillancourt - Youth Coordinator

Coaching Since 1990

He can be found at Bonnie Doon almost every day of the week!


He’s either coaching, organizing the next tournament, being the judge of play, playing or just a supporter of our youth!  He began coaching at age 18 in Ontario and in Alberta in 1990.  He has taken a team to the YBC Nationals six-time and is also our YBC Program Director.

Andre received 2011/2012 Coach of Year for Alberta (A5PBA) & Canada (C5PBA) - Ernie Roggie “Grass Roots".

Andrea Marciano

Coaching Since 2008

Andrea has coached at the Zone and Provincial level for the Junior and Senior YBC bowlers.  Assists the bowlers in practice sessions for the bowlers who wish to improve their games.

Message to Youth Bowlers

Remember that bowling is a sport and is meant to be fun.  Take it for what it is and enjoy your sport and the socialization that comes with it. 

Andrew Gayleard
Coaching Since

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Connie Farmer

Coaching Since 1983

Connie began coaching a few years ago. Besides coaching, she is often a Judge of Play and scorekeeper. She has been to 4-Steps Nationals 4 times.


Encourages all of us to enjoy the game as much as she does.  She loves bowling enjoys seeing children and adults achieve their goals. Believes there is no such thing as a bad bowler.

Cory Hoople

Coaching Since 1978

Cory has been coaching since 1978!  He is a Level 1 Coach with a National Masters distinction.

We are fortunate to have Cory on our team!

Courtney Rowlett

Coaching Since

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Davina Cassie

Coaching Since

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Doug Gommeringer

Coaching Since 2011

I have coached YBC Senior's at the zone and provincial's. 


Bowling is a game so have fun and do your best. If you have a bad game just keep trying it will get better.

Gerry Anderson

Coaching Since 1992

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching many tournaments & many teams
we won several medals, Silver, Gold!

2001, 2009, 2011- Youth Challenge Ladies, 2002, 2011 Youth Challenge Mixed Team, 2002 Masters Senior National Team 2005, 2006 & 2010 Inter Provincial & National and many more!


I will do up most to ensure any team I coach achieves their goals and performs at their highest level.

Jill Pidcock

Coaching Since 2016

Jill’s second home growing up was the bowling alley. She went through the youth program, qualifying for Nationals two times, graduating in 1995.


She coached for 2 years before taking time off to focus on her career as a teacher, and then raise her family. When her children began bowling, she saw the need for more coaches, so she got back into it. 

Kassandra Bury

Coaching Since

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Kevin House

Coaching Since 1996

Kevin began coaching in 1996 and has helped bowlers of all ages realize how awesome they can be at the sport of 5 pin bowling.  


His teams have been to provincials a number of times; with an additional 5 trips to the National 4 Steps Championships. Representing Alberta, his teams have finished on top to “Bring home the Gold” in 2009, 2010, 2017 and one silver medal in 2015.

Leonard Poirier

Coaching Since

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Martinho Marciano - Head Coach

Coaching Since 2006

Martinho has coached at various levels of competition in Zones, Provincials, & Nationals with YBC program and the Open, Masters and winning at these levels not just as a coach but as a competitor. Started a new Competitive and entry-level Training Program in the YBC program with great results.

Come out play and listen to our coaching staff and do your best and best of all “HAVE FUN”. Bowling is a game that can frustrate you in many ways, but it can also help you in your life. It’s a completive, challenging, and a social sport that helps you make some great friendships that could stay with you for a lifetime.

Rob Koski

Coaching Since 2001

Rob comes from a long family history of bowling. His mom and grandmother both bowled leagues in their respective time and his dad had summer jobs as a pin setter back in the day. When his own children started to bowl Rob became a coach helping all age groups throughout the years. Rob is also actively involved in various leagues of his own from fun leagues to competitive match play. Rob is a seven-time gold champion in the Edmonton Corporate Challenge bowling tournaments.


Rob attained his Level 1 coaching in 2001 and his Level 2 in 2003. He has coached Pee Wee, Bantam, Juniors, and Seniors to Provincial championships. Rob is currently coaching the Senior Match Play league on Sunday nights. He is an avid study of sports psychology and body mechanics and brings his knowledge each week to help bowlers improve their game.

Shandelle Hagen

Coaching Since

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Stéphane Vaillancourt

Coaching Since 2007

Stéphane has been bowling since 1992 - he started at age 4! He is a graduate of the YBC program and has been coaching youth bowling since 2007.

During his YBC days, he succeeded at many tournaments including Youth Challenge in 2004 & 2006 and the Alberta Winter Games in 2001, 2003, 2005.

As a coach, Stéphane has been had the chance of coaching on the national level of the YBC tournaments with the Bantam Boys and Junior Boys teams to an attempt to achieve their goals of earning a medal at YBC events with experience with nationals teams in the following years: St-Johns (2012), Vancouver (2013), Oshawa (2015), Calgary (2016), Gatineau (2017) and Oshawa (2019). 

Richard Wagner

Coaching Since

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William Jubinville

Coaching Since

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